online listening practice with stories about coffee

About Rob Whyte

A brief introduction to the brains behind this mobile learning website that helps students become more fluent through extensive listening and graded level stories. (Wow, that’s a long sentence.)

practice listening online with stories about coffee and laptop

About the images

This mobile learning website uses a lot of images. This is a quick note to describe where they come from.


Everybody knows Google. But what do you know about the two guys who started it? Learn more here.

practice listening online with stories about Thomas edison


Edison was a famous inventor. We heard lots of stories about him. Were they true? Listen to this Level 1 story and get the answer.

practice listening online with stories about lego toy


Lots of like to play with Lego. This Level 1 listening lesson talks about the history of this popular toy.

practice listening English online about smartphones

The History of Smartphones

Why are Smartphones called Smartphones? Get the answer and a brief Smartphone history lesson in this short story.