english fluency stories about inventions like the pen

Ballpoint Pen

Around the world, 57 ballpoint pens are purchased every second. How did this simple pen become so popular? Get the answer in this Level 5 listening lesson.

how to leaern fluent english with stories about Galileo


Galileo was a scientist who wanted to understand the world with evidence and proof. Learn about his work and ideas in this Level 5 listening lesson.

practice listening online with stories about potato chips

Potato Chips

Potato chips are a popular snack. This Level 5 listening lesson gives you the short history of this tasty treat.

practice English listening online with lessosns from englishlistening.rocks

The History of Salt

Salt is the only rock people eat. Surprising, it’s played an important role in world history. Learn more about this tasty mineral in this Level 2 listening exercise.