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Kids love Lego. They make houses, trains, and cars. Lego is a building game with blocks.

One man started Lego. He was from Denmark. His name was Ole Kirk. In 1932, he started making small things that kids could play with, like cars and houses. In 1934, he called his company Lego. That word means play well.

In 1947, Ole saw some plastic blocks from England. Two years later, he started making them. They did not stay together. Not many people liked them.

In 1958, he had an idea for a new kind of block. He made blocks with dots and holes. When kids put the dots into the holes, the blocks stayed together. With this new design, kids could build big things that did not fall down. Kids loved the new Lego.

The design of Lego today is the same as it was in 1958. But, the box is different. In 1968, the company started to sell sets. Kids could make a city with a train or cars that drive. Today there are special sets, like Star Wars Lego and Doctor Who Lego.

Why do kids love Lego? Maybe it’s because they play. They think of something and make it with their hands. When they’re done, they make something new. The play never really stops. Maybe that’s the best part of Lego.

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