learn English listening with fluency lessons about Uber


Uber is an app that connects people and car drivers. It’s also a giant global company. Learn more in this listening lesson.

learn English listening with fluency lessons and stories about greedy men

Greedy Man

Here’s a short listening story about a greedy man who learns a lesson, and a police officer who finds the truth with a few sentences.

english listening fluency activity about trees

The Tree

What can people learn from trees? Get one answer in this story about a boy who has second thoughts about chopping down a tree.

english learning fluency audio stories about a horse

The Horse

What can we learn about life from a horse? Listen to this old Chinese fable and you might get answer.

listenb to english with stoties about credit cards


People use the internet to collect money for many kinds of projects. In this Level 3 lesson, learn about one website that made online donations popular.

elevator buttons


Elevators make life easy. In this Level 3 listening lesson, learn how one man made them safe and popular.

listenign lessons abotu tsunamis


A tsunami is a strong and dangerous ocean wave. Learn how a tsunami is created in this Level 3 listening fluency lesson.

online listening practice with stories about Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla might not be as well known as Edison but he sure did make a lot of important things. Learn more about this great inventor in this Level 3 listening fluency lesson.