Month: August 2016


learn english with stoties about the invention of gunpowder

Gunpowder helped to change history by making armies strong and empires rich. And it was because of an accident. Learn the history of gunpowder in this Level 5 listening lesson.


learn english with fluency activities about nature and lightning

Is lightning a line of electricity that shoots through the sky? Not really. Learn how lightning works in this Level 5 listening lesson.

Ballpoint Pen

english fluency stories about inventions like the pen

Around the world, 57 ballpoint pens are purchased every second. How did this simple pen become so popular? Get the answer in this Level 5 listening lesson.

Printing Press

english for beginners listening stories about the printing press

The printing press changed the way we learn and think. Here’s 1,500 years of printing history in one short Level 4 listening lesson.