Month: September 2016

Post-It Notes

story about Post it notes for Eglish listening fluency

Who invented Post-It notes? It’s great story about creativity and hard work. Get the whole story in this listening lesson.

The Tree

english listening fluency activity about trees

What can people learn from trees? Get one answer in this story about a boy who has second thoughts about chopping down a tree.

Rubik’s Cube

rubiks cube listening story to improve english fluency

The Rubik’s Cube was named after its inventor. Learn more about this amazing puzzle game in this Level 2 listening lesson.


learn english listening with audio stories about popcorn at the movies

Why did popcorn become a favorite snack in movie theaters? Why is popcorn so expensive? Get the answers in this listening lesson.

The Horse

english learning fluency audio stories about a horse

What can we learn about life from a horse? Listen to this old Chinese fable and you might get answer.


learn english listening with stories about inventions like the ipod

The iPod changed the way people listen to music. It also saved Apple. Learn how the iPod was developed in this Level 2 listening lesson.

Mystery Woman

English listening fluency story Joanne Rowling

Since she was young, this woman wanted to be a writer. Who is she? Get the answer and learn a bit about her life is this Level 1 lesson.