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How to Learn English Online

ESL students can’t really study English audio just by listening. But, they can improve listening skills by practising their ability to understand words and meaning.

This is one of the myths of learning to listen. Students don’t get good at listening by hearing English words they don’t understand.  

Better listening means ESL students get faster at 1) recognizing the word sounds and 2) understanding the meaning. That’s called listening fluency.

Online English Lessons

This website has two kinds of listening content.

Short Stories

There are more than 20 free short stories with different topics about people, places, and things.

The short stories are written for high beginner + non-native English speakers. The English audio lessons use the most common words, so ESL students learn the important words first.

Online Course

The Core Listening Skills 1 course helps students become fluent listeners by improving specific listening sub-skills. This a free course open to students and teachers around the world.

ESL Audio to Go

Learn English on the smartphone. Learn English listening skills anywhere.

Improve Fluency

ESL listen

Fluency means you understand more and faster. The aim is to listen like a native speaker.

Learn Anywhere

ESL student

Study on the go. Use your smartphone to improve listening skills anywhere.

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STEP 1 Click here to register for the course.

STEP 2 Go to the login page and sign in.

STEP 3 Go to the CORE LISTENING SKILLS course page.

STEP 4 If you’re interested, read some background information about the course design.