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I’m Rob Whyte, the brains behind this collection of online English lessons that help students learn listening and reading skills. I hope you find the listening and reading lessons and worksheets useful.

Professor. Writer. On-line wizard.

Here’s a little bit about me. I live in South Korea. I’m an English professor at a university.

I’m also a professional writer. Travel and education are my main writing interests. In the past, I have published books and articles about business, culture, the environment and medicine. My writing has been published by international giants like Lonely Planet, The Independent (UK newspaper) and the American Academy of Pain Management.

My interest in online English lessons started with a conversation with a colleague. We are both a bit web savvy, but couldn’t think of any websites that provided level-sorted listening materials that helped students improve listening fluency.

Sure there is lots of listening stuff. Some good and some not so good. But nothing level-sorted. Nothing designed for high beginner level students. Nothing that focused on fluency.

That was an ah-ha moment. So I started to write content for students interested in becoming more fluent English listeners by writing level graded short stories that focused on high frequency words.

The rest is history.

4 thoughts on “About Rob Whyte”

  1. Rob, thank you so much for doing these audio clips. I teach ESP (for students who are professionals). I’m always on the look for audio narrators who preferably not speak British English, and yours is just what I like.

  2. Thanks for the great website.
    As an ESL teacher I try to find as many varied and interesting listening topics to engage and increase the students level.

    You have selected some engaging topics which conincide with the topics the students are learning.
    In addition we all get to learn some fascinating facts about everyday things like Uber and the Rubix’s cube.

    Thank you .


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