Dangerous Animals

English Listening Lesson

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What are the most dangerous animals? Here are the top four killers.

Number one is the mosquito. It kills about 440,000 people a year. The dangerous mosquitoes live mostly in Africa.

They have a bug that makes people sick. That bug causes a disease called malaria.

The king cobra is number two. Each year, cobras kill between 20,000 and 125,000 people.

Most of them are from India. Cobras have a poison that makes people sick. Most people die because they cannot go to a hospital.

The hippo is number three. It looks cute but it is dangerous. Each year, hippos kill about 3,000 people.

That’s more than the number of people killed by lions, elephants and rhinos. Hippos will attack humans and other animals if their babies are in danger.

Nile crocodiles are number four. These scary animals have sharp teeth, strange eyes and can grow up to 5 meters.

They kill between 300 and several thousand people a year, mostly in Africa. Crocodiles will attack big animals like elephants and hippos.

There are many dangerous animals in the world. But the most dangerous one of all is the human being.

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