English Listening Fluency Guide

How to Improve English Listening Fluency?

Many ESL-EFL students want to improve their English listening skills. But, some people might not be sure about the best way. In this website, English language learners can find free files to practice their listening skills. All of the materials are designed for mobile learning (they also work on desktop computers, too).

Suggested Learning Program

My suggested learning program is based on two ideas about deep learning:

  • improvement develops slowly over time with lots of regular practice
  • extensive listening is an effective learning method

Extensive listening has three simple rules:

  • Choose an easy listening file. You should understand about 90-95% of the words. If the speaker’s words are too hard to understand, you will not get much benefit.
  • Choose a topic that interests you. Learning should be fun, not painful. If the topic is not fun, it will be hard to listening a lot.
  • Fluency means you are able to understand the words without much thinking. That means you need to listen to a sound file over and over again until understanding seems too easy.

Four-Step Listening Program

Here is a suggested format for building listening fluency skills. I assume that students would spend about 5-7 days with one listening file. After the listening becomes very easy (i.e. automatic), then start with a new listening file.


Step 1. Choose a listening file that seems easy and interesting for you.

Step 2. Read the text alone.

Step 3. Listen while reading the text one or two times.

Step 4. Listen without reading the text one or two times.


Repeat Step 3 every couple of days.

Repeat Step 4 every couple of days.


Best of luck.


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