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Computer Mouse

A computer mouse is a small box. Its purpose is to move a line on a screen and help users do work and play games. Where did the mouse come from?

The story of the mouse begins in 1967.

The first mouse looked like a large block of wood with a red button on top. In 1973, a company called Xerox improved the mouse. It was small, light and easy to use.

Six years later, Steve Jobs visited Xerox. He saw a special computer with advanced technology and software. This machine used a mouse to touch small images on the screen. The images opened files and programs.

Steve loved it. It was easy to use, but expensive. He directed his team to make a computer with those features. It should have a nice design and sell for a low price.

In 1984, Apple released a home computer called the Macintosh. People loved using the mouse. Soon, many companies were making computers with a mouse.

Some people say Steve took the idea from Xerox. Maybe that’s true. It’s also true he saw an idea and made it better. He also made it less expensive. The first mouse cost $300. Apple made it for $15.

The story of the mouse teaches us about business. We often need a new idea to be successful. Some people, like Steve, take an old idea and improve it. Then they tell a story. The story usually tells people that their lives will be better with this machine.

Steve Jobs did not make anything new. But, he was a good storyteller. And telling a good story is an important business skill.

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