Greedy Man

English Listening Fluency Lesson

Listening level: 3
Audio file: 1:57 min
Story length: 273 words


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Greedy Man

Gerry was a rich farmer. He loved money more than anything or anyone.

One day, he was walking to the market. He had a bag with 10 gold pieces in his pocket. On the way, the bag fell out of his pocket, but he didn’t notice it.

Later that afternoon, two children were walking down the same street. They saw the bag. They took it home and showed it to their father, Mr Brown. He recognized the bag at once and returned it immediately to Gerry.

Gerry was happy to get his money back, and thought of a scheme to earn more. He went to the police station and said there were 20 gold pieces in the bag. Ten gold pieces were missing. Mr. Brown must have taken them.

The police interviewed Mr. Brown. He denied taking any gold.

The police officer knew Gerry was a terrible person and doubted his story, but had no way of determining who was lying. Then he had an idea. He knew how to discover the truth.

He told Mr. Brown to keep the gold. He told Gerry this bag didn’t belong to him because it had only 10 gold pieces. If someone finds 20 gold pieces, the police would contact him in the future.

Gerry complained and demanded the return of his 10 gold pieces. He admitted to lying about the 20 gold pieces. The police officer didn’t change his mind. He said he couldn’t believe Gerry because he would say anything to profit himself.

The officer left content because he was able to solve a problem and find the truth with a few simple sentences.

More Practice

Here’s a gap fill exercise. Download the Greedy Man printable worksheet (pdf file). Listen to the story and fill in the blanks.

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