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Here’s a question. Which Apple product sold a million units in 28 days? Not the iPhone. It was the iPad, a tablet with a touch screen but no phone. From 2010 to 2015, Apple sold 250 million of these machines.

Many people think Steve Jobs created the iPad. Not true. The history of the tablet at Apple goes back to 1987, long before Steve worked there.

In 1996, Apple made its first tablet. It was called the Newton Message Pad. It didn’t do very much. When Steve returned to Apple in 1998, he stopped the Newton. Many people thought he was going to make a tablet. Apple surprised everyone with the iPod in 2001.

iPhone was next. Apple made a Smartphone before a tablet. Part of the problem was the iPad’s large touch screen. It needed special software and microchips that did not exist at that time.

The first iPhone was for sale in 2007. One year later, Apple decided to produce a tablet. The software and microchips were ready, but there was a question.

What was the iPad? Was it a big iPhone or something completely different, something between a phone and a laptop? Many people wondered which option Apple would choose. In 2010, the iPad was for sale. Apple sold 300,000 in the first week.

Quite quickly, it proved to be a major financial success. It also changed the world. People began reading online and bought fewer newspapers and magazines. Sales of laptops dropped.

The iPad was a game changer. Its beautiful design mixed with an easy to use operating system changed the way people work, read and play.

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