Numbers General Knowledge

English Listening Lesson

Listening level: 5
Audio file: 2:28 min
Story length: 298 words


Here is the listening file for this lesson.



Here is a general knowledge test about numbers. There are 12 questions divided into 3 groups. The answers are in the file at the bottom of this lesson page.

Group 1

1. How many months are in a year?
2. A busy farmer needs to divide 30 potatoes into 6 equal groups. How many potatoes will be in each group?
3. My younger cousin signed up for a weekly science magazine. How many times per year will he receive the journal?
4. Two math teachers purchased 12 packs of computer paper. Each pack has 50 sheets. How many pages do they have in total?

Group 2

1. What is 50% of 200?
2. My aunt had half a dozen red pens in a plastic package. She gave 4 to a close friend. How many pens does she have left?
3. My friend’s mom goes to the fruit and vegetable market to buy oranges. One box has 7 sweet oranges and costs 8 dollars. If she buys 63 oranges, how much will she spend?
4. Before going on a long walk, I buy some water. My bag is full of gear and weighs 6 kilograms. I go inside the store and pay for a 2-liter bottle. If I place that inside my bag, how much will it weigh?

Group 3
1. How long does it take light to travel from the sun to Earth: a. 8 seconds, b. 8 minutes or c. 8 days?
2. How many hours per week does the average American watch television: a. 14, b. 28 or c. 35?
3. My brother has a beautiful wooden desk with a chess board on top. How many black squares are on the chess board?
4. Where was the number 0 invented: a. India, b. Greece or c. China?

More Practice

Here’s a gap fill exercise. Download the Numbers printable worksheet (pdf file). Listen to the story and fill in the blanks. Get the answers to the questions in this pdf file.

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