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Everybody knows Google. It searches the internet for text, pages, documents and pictures. It’s also a big company. What do we know about the two people who started Google?

The history of Google goes back to 1995.

Larry Page was 22. He was visiting Stanford University in California. He was going to study computer science. Sergey Brin was showing him around. Sergey was 21. He studied computer science. They became best friends. They also started Google.

When Larry was a kid, he lived in a house filled with computers. His parents taught computer science.

Sergey Brin was born in Russia. His family moved to America when he was six. Sergey was smart. He finished high school early and studied computer science in university. Then he attended Stanford.

Larry and Sergey came together because of a project. They wanted to study how documents on the internet were linked. They made a program that searched the web and made a list of popular pages. That was an original idea. In the 1990s, search programs only looked at words on pages. Finding useful information took a lot of time.

Their software helped people find useful information immediately. They called it Google, which means the number one plus one hundred zeroes.

Larry and Sergey thought their program was good and wanted to sell it. They contacted several web executives but nobody wanted to buy it. So, they decided to take a chance and start their own firm. Their first office space was in a friend’s garage in 1998. Six years later in 2004, Google was a big company and Larry and Sergey became rich.

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