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How to Learn English Online

This online English listening course is different. 

Students don’t study English audio. They improve listening skills by practicing their ability to understanding meaningful words and meaning. You can’t become a better listener by hearing English words you don’t understand.  

Better listening means you get faster at hearing the word sounds and understanding the meaning. You also spend less time translating word meaning in your head. That’s called listening fluency.

Online English Lessons


ESL Listening Course 1 has 10 online English listening lessons. The stories are easy to understand. They are written for high beginner + non-native English speakers. The English audio lessons use the most common words, so ESL students learn the important words first.

Stop wasting time with hard stories. Focus on listening comprehension. Use listening exercises that build skills. 

ESL Audio to Go


Learn English on your smartphone. Learn English listening skills anywhere.

ESL listening
ESL listen

Focus on Fluency

Focus on your ability to hear words and understand meaning.

Learn Efficiently

Learn the most important 2800 words in the English language.

 Learn Anywhere

Short stories are great for repeated listening anywhere you want.

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