extensive listening


learn english listening with stories about inventions like the ipod

The iPod changed the way people listen to music. It also saved Apple. Learn how the iPod was developed in this Level 2 listening lesson.

Marie Curie

learn english with a listening story about Marie Curie

Marie Curie was a great scientist who won two Noble prizes. Learn more about her amazing life in this Level 4 listening lesson.

Wind Energy

practice english with stories about wind farm

Is wind energy a good idea? Get one answer in this Level 2 listening fluency lesson.


online listening practice with stories about panda bear

Pandas are cute bears, but what do we really know about them? Learn 10 panda facts in this Level 1 fluency activity.


practice listening online with stories about Thomas edison

Edison was a famous inventor. We heard lots of stories about him. Were they true? Listen to this Level 1 story and get the answer.

The History of Pencils

practice english listening one pencil stories

What’s that black stuff inside your pencil? Listen to the story and learn the answers to important questions like that one.

A Korean Fable

practice for listening English Korean temple building

Here’s a short English listening story about a foolish man who learns a lesson the hard way.