short stories about people

Mystery Woman

English listening fluency story Joanne Rowling

Since she was young, this woman wanted to be a writer. Who is she? Get the answer and learn a bit about her life is this Level 1 lesson.

Marie Curie

learn english with a listening story about Marie Curie

Marie Curie was a great scientist who won two Noble prizes. Learn more about her amazing life in this Level 4 listening lesson.


how to leaern fluent english with stories about Galileo

Galileo was a scientist who wanted to understand the world with evidence and proof. Learn about his work and ideas in this Level 5 listening lesson.


online listening practice with stories about Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla might not be as well known as Edison but he sure did make a lot of important things. Learn more about this great inventor in this Level 3 listening fluency lesson.


practice listening online with stories about Thomas edison

Edison was a famous inventor. We heard lots of stories about him. Were they true? Listen to this Level 1 story and get the answer.