stories about food


learn english listening with audio stories about popcorn at the movies

Why did popcorn become a favorite snack in movie theaters? Why is popcorn so expensive? Get the answers in this listening lesson.


listen to english stories about food and pizza

Did really pizza come from Italy? That’s part of the story. Get the rest of the story in this Level 4 listening lesson.

Red Peppers

listenign lessons about red pepper

Red peppers might the world’s first international food. How did they become so popular? Get the answer in this Level 2 listening lesson.

Squeeze Bottles

online listening practice with stories about ketchup bottle

Do you have a squeeze bottle that’s upside down? This Level 4 listening lesson is about the special lid on those bottles.


practice listening online with stories about espresso coffee

Coffee is more than a drink. Its history has love, money and power. Learn more in this Level 3 listening lesson.