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Listening level: 1
Audio file: 2:14 min
Story length: 209 words


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Food Quiz

Do you know a lot about food? Here’s a test. Read the questions. Then listen. Then say the answers.

  1. What color is peanut butter?
  2. Which country grows more grapes, France or China?
  3. Do some restaurants really use special colors to make people feel hungry?
  4. Yes or no? McDonald’s sells 75 hamburgers every minute.
  5. Was pizza first made in Italy?
  6. People enjoy H2O. What do H and O stand for?
  7. Was spaghetti first created in Italy or China?
  8. What color is mustard?
  9. Bees work hard to produce which food?
  10. Yes or no? People in Europe never saw a potato until the 1550s.
  11. Name the spicy Korean food made from cabbage.
  12. What’s in a coconut?
  13. Which country grows more kiwi, New Zealand or Italy?
  14. Yes or no? Carrots used to be purple a long time ago.
  15. What Canadian food comes from the inside part of trees?
  16. The USA or Mexico? Which country buys more Coke when talking about the number of cans per person per year?
  17. Yes or no? The banana is a berry.
  18. What are French fries made from?
  19. True or not true. Eating lots of onions can make you sleepy.


Get the answers to the food quiz in this printable worksheet.

More Practice

Here’s a gap fill exercise. Download the food quiz printable worksheet (pdf file). Listen to the story and fill in the blanks.

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